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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


       I am very, very, deeply sorry that i have not updated lately. BUT NOT MUCH HAS CHANGED!
 I am still Hugo, Jake the snack is not a lie still rocks, and Keegeyes Random knees is still  a lie (Because if you say it is random, ITS NOT RANDOM),but a pretty decent blog. However i am upset because, once again people treat me like garbage. However, i had a decent Thanksgiving break! I saw my cousins, and relatives, unfortunately My brother. and Ate turkey. but Three good birds i knew died during this time, and no, i dont mean the turkey. i found a baby bird which died, my ten-year old parakeet named Sprite perished. Later,a tragedy happened at a tree full of parrots happened. the rain brought down a large amount of tree, and killed all the eggs and chicks except one. i rescued the last one, and it died within two and a half hours. Also, i have started a (small) business of duct tape creations.
 Thank you for reading,
 Hugo the (Tele) Phoenician