Thursday, June 28, 2012


1234!!! a message I've thought much to much about maybe it'll reach someday, who can say? Certainly I've always been this way, Crazy, patched up, MATROSHKA! A package sung by a headache, time may pass, but the hands are at 4. Don't tell anyone; the world will turn upside down. Ah, I feel broken apart Throw out all your memories, too. Ah, how I want to know, to the deep down... Um well.......     If you please, dance more and more!!!!! kalinka? malinka? Just play the cord. What should i do about such feelings? Cant you tell me? Just a little? Loud and clear, 524!! Freud? Keloid? Just hit the key. Everything, all's to be laughed at! Hurry, dance, with all your foolish ness!!!!! :P
------> heres the link... so check it out!!!!
~ Le Lorax

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hey I'm back!

hey guys, im sorry i havent posted over the summer, but i was on vacation for a little while, had some summer camps, and my internet was spazzing out all the time. so i am just saying that i will post stuff over the summer starting now.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Allow me to spin a tale for you.

     Yesternight, I made a series of mistakes in close succession.
Mistake 1- I was really hyperactive and couldn't sleep.

     I was just reading and playing on my iPod touch for like half an hour. i typed a post entitled favoritism and wrote a bunch of notes for possible future postagings. I listened to so much music and watched so many youtube videos. this, however, soon got boring, so i decided to look around my room for stuff to do. i found a bunch of stuff but a lot of it was too loud or just plain stupid. I then found something absolutely PERFECT! this led immediately to:

Mistake 2- I found a ball of yarn.

     This may not seem to be such a big deal to other people, but i spontaneously began to bat around the yarn like a large cat. This was my third mistake. But when I was batting around the yarn, I suddenly knew everything. At last, i knew why cats loved yarn so much! I figured out string theory (no pun intended), a perfect proof of Fern's Theorem, that the egg came first, how the calliope worked! After that i passed out and woke up in the middle of the night completely entangled in yarn and forgot everything i thought i learned.

     I saw that my playing cards had fallen onto the floor, which had probably happened during my yarn spree. This, for some reason, made me irrationally scared so i started humming Homestuck songs nonstop and hid under a chair with my favorite weapons for protection. ( In case anyone cares, these are my yoyos, my duct tape whip, and my metal throwing cards). After this I just told my dad that I had a nightmare and was somehow coerced into making lemon chicken for the family today.

     I fell asleep and had a lucid dream. I tried to dream on Derse but my brain wouldn't let me so i partied on Prospit with my friends; we all had a grand old time until some of us started getting stabbed, so me and a select few had to go on a quest to find the magic block of cheese with which to slay the magical hamburger knight who was killing all of our friends. We then went on a giant adventure theme park ride with faceless weasels to which i had to offer bags of blood to keep them from telling on me to an evil alien worm priestess that i had drawn while at a wedding in England, which my brain attempted to reenact, leading to scientists facepalming all around...
My subconscious is a frightening place.

     Anyway, today i am awake and ready to cook lemon chicken!

Monday, June 25, 2012


My parents seem to have lately been going on some bizarre favoritism fandango. just yesterday my mother, without telling me, took my little brother out for ice cream and bought him a super soaker, a giant bubble wand, a balloon modeling set, and a few other assorted toys. On the other hand, my dad, two days ago, literally confiscated my iPod touch for twitching my right eye, and unfortunately i am being completely serious about this.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Ponderance and Flight

Hey hey hey!!!! I'm about to board a flight to MINNESOTA!!!!!!!! Heck yeah peoplezzz!!!!!!! I love ya Phonenix!!!!! :) Oh and HUgO!!!! Make one I the enimies the wit h!!! Hugo's edit: what??? The Lorax's edit: my apologies. Sorry I was saying good by to my dear mother before I boreded my flight. What I meant was that you should make the enimies NINJA CATS. Because that, is amazing.


Sorry guys lately i have been caught up on hacking earthbound. I am making a hack about this blog to keep me from imploding with boredom. if anyone has any ideas for enemies or items please tell me.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Temporary Retirement

Jake is here with a sad item of talkin, for the next month I will be taking a break from the blog and will start posting again once my break is over. So the Lorax and Hugo stay strong. Until next time, Jake signing off...

Lorax you silly

We finished the Google plus page but we couldn't publish to the blog, so.....

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Lorax- 19/20 or 21/20????????

Um.... So are we done with the 20/20 post thing? Would someone plead clarify what's going on because I really have no idea. On a different note, um... My cat is so adorable it might be possible to die from seeing it's epic ninja cat cuteness. I am turkey blessed with a crazy cat. Peace!!! -The Lorax

Hugo's Edit: we are finished with the 2020 post thing. 

Monday, June 18, 2012


I have the strangest feeling that all of my random remarks throughout the years will someday culminate into a parasol related epiphany that will cure cancer or something. At my karate class there is an instructor who I am fairly sure is human equius. He makes horse sounds when he is disappointed in us and emphasizes the word STRONG. To teach us how to kick, he catches our legs in mid air and either adjusts our technique or tries to flip us. Also he always tells us to do stances we are not meant to know at our belt level. Luckily I know enough of them to repeatedly show him up. About trolls, my least favorite is Vriska and my most favorite is Gamzee. My star sign is Scorpio and my moon sign is Capricorn. Dang. Also, the fourth day will be extended to two days.

night of the final day

Today, the secret celebration is....(drumroll) a complete blog redesign! i hope that all the authors on this blog will halp.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Lorax: 18/20 - Complaints and Commericals

Gentelmen!!! I wish to say that not only did you not complete your deadline of 12:00 am yesterday, you guys also failed at doing any of the work today. And, you guys just bickering at each other aimlessly on this blog is quite annoying. Please write something worth reading. ( I am staring at you Jake) As for me saying something worth reading, I have seen the progressive commercial where the sales clerk tries to bundle a kitten and a rocket into a rocket cat. Whenever my mom see the commercial she says, That's just wrong!! But I say, but that's actually a REALLY good idea!!!! On that note, it's kinda interesting to think about the Commericals I actually LIKE to watch, like the Etrade baby or The-Most-Interesting-Man-In-The-World beer Commericals.i mean, why are we( I mean, I can't be the only one liking these time wasters, right?) so fascinated by a baby talking in a grown mans voice making funny faces as he tries to talk a man out of buying a lottery ticket, or being oddly torked off about how he wasn't able to ride the dog like it was a small horse? Or be so interested in an old man talking about how a man isn't bitten by mosquitos, OUT OF RESPECT, or how he runs a marathon because it's on his way or how Cuba imports cigars FROM HIM. It makes one feel slightly stupid when we catch ourselves staring aimlessly at such foolish thing when we could be using are time to better the world. Like, for example, recycling and saving trees!! Our generation, seems to be lucky to have so much technology, so much HELP at our fingertips, and yet that is are Achilles Heel. We will never be bored. We are so distracted. We could be so much more, and yet we aren't. Why? Technology. Television. COMMERICALS. I foundz outz howz to shedule whn postz are postedz Boom. Intense huh? - The Lorax

Hugo's Edit: Lorax, i could not have set up the google plus page yesterday because i am not allowed on it. i am sorry for that circumstance that is COMPLETELY my fault. on a side note, could you collaborate with the thing for today? Also, I DID NOT SLEEP LAST NIGHT. I stayed awake an extra 3 or 4 hours. so. i tried.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

17-20 out of twenty

Nooo. We are not gonna make the 20 posts so I'll post extra tomorrow. No biggie I guess.

16 out of 20

I made a duct tape whip. Gold duct tape basically is the epitome of amazingness. It is also my record for fastest time going through a roll of duct tape. Here is a pic.

15 out of 20

Jake, Right now i am contemplating just kicking you off the blog. it seems like you are trying to take over. maybe kicking you off would be for the best...

14 out of 20

Jake, quite frankly, your "posts", if they can even be called that, are ABSOLUTELY AMATEURISH. A one sentence song recommendation or saying that you are in a rush to do more amateurish posts does not count as a post. if you make a point, be prepared to elaborate and/or just shut up and write something completely different. 

13 out of 20

Jake, I WASNT HELPING? I never approved this, and i do not have to go along with everything you say, because this is MY blog.

12 of 20

The day is almost over!!! Ahhhh!!!! And we are only on 12 posts!!!

11 of 20

Eleven, ever wonder why it was spelled that way. I just did but there is nothin I can do about the answer it just is.

10 of 20

Were halfway there so look up the song "mind your manners" by chiddy bang, its pretty good....

9 of 20

I'm in a big rush to finish... Hugo wasn't helping :(

Geneticks (5 out of 20)

I think about the genetics of inanimate objects. especially water balloons. My brother bought a bunch of cheap water ballons and most of the pink ones popped immediately and most purple ones were malformed. i said out loud "Huh. Guess it's a genetic thing." and everyone near me was like what the heck? 

8 of 20

Hugo!!!!!!!!! U better start posting or this will be a long night. Cmon you can do it!! Yes you can, yes you can! Either way still chilling with my friend Austin.

7 of 20

Hugo finish #5 already.

I am hanging with my friend Austin doing stuff while I post this so yeah!!!!!!

(6 of 20) HUGO!

HUGO is working on #5 still and I may have to do more posts to reach our 20 post by end of day deadline!!!! Fine with me though, but hopefully Senor Hugo won't freak out. So cmon Hugo get posting, or don't and make my earlier post a Lie!! meanie!!! Jkjk your still chill.

Hugo's edit: Jake. i am not going to sleep tonight.

Sad (<4 of 20> Hugos working on 3)

Tv shows nowadays can be very sad. Really sometimes its stupid the plots of these shows.

Well til
next time!

The Parent Crap (3 of 20)

Ugh my parents locked me in my room for smacking my brother. In here without tv or computer, all I have is a twix and my iPod touch. Also, note to Jake, HAVE BETTER SUBJECT MATTER IN POSTS.

2 of 20

Hugo is being crazy and not doing any posting of the 20. So I am posting again. And my dog is like freaking out it is really odd. And my braces really hurt.

Post 1 of 20 for 2000 views

First of the 20 blog posts today!
Its gonna be so great!!!!
Hugo will post 12.5 POSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AND I JAKE WILL POST 7.5 POSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!
THIS IS GREAT SO HAVE FUNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to all those who have stuck with the blog.

Friday, June 15, 2012

2000 View EXTRAVAGANZA: Day 1


Definitely awesome
Extremely viewed
Possibly in a web comic (FROM HUGO)
Terrible is not this
Horrible also isn't this blog
Soo.... keep reading

Great and fantastic
Omnivores eat meat

Magical magicants
Authored by jake, the lorax, sometimes nathan, and always HUGO!
Go and read it all!
Its the best blarg ever! JK- But its still pretty good
Crazy to think we are at 2000 views!
And this is not the poem that never ends.
No, it doesn't go on and on my friends
The END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey! Listen!

Guys. I thought that this blog would fail after 547 views. Seriously. But juys. Thank you so much for not hating my blog AS much as I thought you would.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


A 2000/500 (4) day celebration of this MONUMENTAL ACHIEVEMENT:
Day 2: 2000/100 posts(20) in one day!!!!

P.S. This is for the mark of 2000 views reached on 6/14/2012 (day 0), the items of the extravaganza will start with day 1 on 6/15/2012...... yada yaada yada yiddish.

Hugo's edit: Jake I did not approve this. No one was going to ask about the secret, and gratuitous caps lock much?

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sleeping? Nah

My dad think im sleeping but in the real world I'm not LOL. Because who cares if I stay up during summer.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sprouts and Stuff.

My brother has gone too far.
We were at Sprouts when this happened.

After a very awkward conversation which began "did you hear about... Sports... Team...?", my ever idiotic younger brother went up to a complete stranger and attempted to solicit his help in getting me away. My brother then sat at the stranger's table.

I was of course forced to yank him out of the seat, after which the stranger engaged him/us in a lecture/conversation on table etiquette. This mainly involved how horribly impolite it was to sit at another person's table, and how, naturally, even though my brother had no grasp on this, I knew it impeccably.

After this, the stranger thought his lesson given, and then sauntered off.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Hey , I got to watch the elp-- oh my cat wants to say something real quick, "  /v ['p;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;ol" LOL, I guess that means hi? i dunno so if anyone knows the internet speak for cats, please let me know.
On my original note, on May 20th i got to see the eclipse through some insanely high tech telescopes while i was in New Mexico. It was SOOO COOLZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-The Lorax
P.S. And yes, trees do like sun dumb base.

OKAY FINE!!! >:( The Year In REFLECTION: The Lorax- Parts 2 and 3

I'm back!!!!! Well, okay. These two parts are about New Mexico and Arizona. So, New Mexico, in short, sucked. No crap. The scenery was pretty, but the people were rude, food was okay, school had serious issues, there were no cute guys to be found, and a yellow light meant speed up instead of slow down. It was nice, but had serious issues.
Now Arizona! Besides the pain of moving back and getting re-used to the guys in my class again, its nice to be back. The weather is beautiful, culture is everywhere, and nice people do exist. For example, my science teacher is nice, my english teacher is a --LANGUAGE PENGUIN!!!, and my Spanish teacher is worthless. I will greatly miss my eight grade friends as they go on to high school, but being rid of a few ghetto Mexicans won't do anyone any harm. So yeah, the what, five weeks i was in school here was nice. Bleh, i should really quit moving.
I speak for the trees
- The Lorax

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Story time with Hugo

Once upon a time, a strange creature sat in an airplane. It was on the way to Phoenix, Arizona.
This creature's name was Hugo. The creature was bored.

after endless movies and pocket frogs, he felt the call to Blog. he typed the title of the post in a suitably inane fashion, and wrote down the beginning sentence. he was enjoying this post very much indeed. You know, this creature might be the same Hugo as this blog's writer...
anyway, hugo was having a Leisurely time of post writing, when something occurred to his brain. he began Thinking of the meaning of life, the reason people live. he found a spectacular conclusion from this train of thought... we live so That we may feel pain, and we feel pain so that we may recognize joy. This brought him great glee.

Monday, June 4, 2012

The shell of DOOM looks like Brock.

I am leaving England today. But before that, I will speak of what has happened.

My uncle Bones got married! At the wedding I could not see who was conducting the ceremony so I got out my notebook and drew her as an angry alien laser worm priest... Yeah... Don't ask... Anyway after that me and cousin Christopher went exploring in the woods.

After that there was a dinner. I got really angry that we didn't get no fancy adult fooooood. After the dinner, the kids went into a special room. Me, Julia, Tabitha, Oscar, Freddy, and our new cousin from Austria, Sandro. We played all the tag. All of it. Then we blew bubbles. This is how I learned that whenever Sandro sees bubbles he goes into a berserker frenzy mode and he must kill all bubbles.

We stayed in a hotel that night, and the next day we just relaxed. After that we slept And we had to leave the following day. I am writing this on the airplane an shall try to post as soon as humanly possible.

Ok I'm at home gonna post now

Friday, June 1, 2012

Android and First Class

The second leading OS(operating system) used to view our blog is android, even though I'm pretty sure most of our followers don't have droids, confusing. And also I just got a free upgrade to first class on a plane flight to somewhere(I will not tell you) so thats cool, IDK whether Hugo is back from England, but when he is I expect a ful report of his trip, HEAR ME HUGO!


The post title is nothing, because I have nothing to talk about................

P.S.: That is a complete lie, I have things to talk about, but when I was originally writing this post I was very bored.