Monday, December 31, 2012


The first picture is what I was distracted by and why I didn't start writing earlier. Since me Keegan and Lily are all here at this party, anytime something interesting happens, we will all give our comments on it.
H- I. love. Volcanoes.
L-Volcanoes are really awesome! I'm the Lorax! Yay! Anime!!! OMG pineapples!!!!!!!
K-yay rainbows!

The little kids are trying to break in. Thoughts?
H- Damn, I'm scared.
L- h3h3h3h3h3 lol!!! This is getting very interesting!!!! This definantly will be a new years eve to remember!!!!!!!
K- one of them bit hugos neighbor in the ribs... I have a green sharpie and I'm not afraid to use it!!!

OK so we just got the note shown in picture 2. In case you can not read it, it says "U won't make it to 2013!!!" And it's signed by Boo Radley.
H- Some freaky shiznit going down here. Probably just the little kids being idiots.
L-oooooooo I am soooooo scared! Lol! JK! Hehehehe these little kids have intuition!!!! :3
K-were all going to die.   :<

Keegan left
H: So it's just me and Lily now.
L: now that she's gone , the craziness can begin!!!!!!! Keegan is cool tho..... whatever
K: This was fun!

The little kids just finished spraying soda at the door. Noe we play Scrabble.
H: Blaaaaargh.
L: yay Scrabble!!!!! And "Damn those meddling kids!!!"

1200am (1/1/2013)
The new year. To symbolize the principality of starica becoming a success in the next year, I burned a small version of the flag at exactly midnight.
H- it's been a year to remember. I hope the next year will also have its share of smiles and tears.
L-I'm hoping for the amount of tears to be at a minimum, personally.
K- Mayans were wrong! Ima have a good year. Attempt vegetarianism.

At 105 am on the first of January, 2013, as Lily leaves and I go to sleep, the dawn of a new day awaits.


          So, my brother forced me to watch a documentary about the top ten fun food factories, because apparently adding alliteration also adds alliterative appeal, and also acrimoniously argued about an unfortunate me writing a post about it. So i will write a post about him. My brother... what to say? well, he's an idiotic little pinweasel without a nice bone in his body. Whenever he's kind to me, he always has some sort of ulterior motive, and tends to throw things. He thinks he would make a good lawyer because he enjoys arguing, but his idea of this is just saying shut up over and over when anyone says anything with which he disagrees. He has hair that is untidy enough to be messy but not messy enough to look good. He has a minor obsession with Twinkies and is the main reason our family is colloquially known as "Dysfunction Junction". Approximately 95.63% of what he says either intentionally references or is directly copied from pop culture, and he thinks that it's still impressive to be able to predict the plot twists of a show or movie after seeing it over 16 times.

In other news, it's New Year's eve and, since this is our 199th post, when better to post the 200th than at midnight today? Also, since at least two of the authors are coming to my new years eve party, it shall be one gigantic collaborative post!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hey! My name is Keegan and I am the new author on this blog! Well I was thinking about what I should write about.... and here it goes. Well i am in Hugo’s class. Hugo is really cool and funny. He likes a lot and is pretty amazing at karate. He can never say i promise i wont bite! Um.... I saw Wreck It Ralph with my two little brothers? Oh yeah, i have twin brothers who are 9 and are awesome! (most of the time...) So i think thats enough for one post. Thanks guys! Thanks for letting me be an author Hugo! Bye!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Principality of Starícá

     I am starting my own nation as of today. It is named the Principality of Starícá. I have been planning to do this for quite a while, and i am currently designing a flag and drafting a constitution. The land i have claimed is currently my house and front and back yard. To claim land for this nation, all you need to do is take a picture of an area that you own, or is public, with a flag of Starícá. for all other information, view the Starícá page.