Hugo: I am Hugo, hear me roar. I am a person who is NOT A SHEEP. I like to karate and sing in Japanese. My favorite game series are MOTHER/Earthbound and Pokemon. I am from England.

Jake: I love sports and sports video games. I am boss at baseball. I have some pets. One is my dog, Dockett Rocket in mah Pocket. I am from Havvaii. And I am an official SWAGOSAUR

Mr. Togetic (Roy): This is a Gmail chat conversation:
 roy:  jay, moogo. I have a really fun idea, but it would take a long time to do.
 me:  roy wat should i put on ur profile on my blog?
 roy:  It involves making our own Role Playing Game It would be awesome with, a cool map, and awesome monsters, and items and stuff Like the Iron Boots from Zelda that let you sink! AND BATTLE THE WIERDO ZANT!
 me:  roy wat should i put on ur profile on my blog
 roy:  AND KILL HIM AND BATTLE DEMISE! Demise, the boss from zelda
 roy:  that should be my profile. Demise. SHWEET

Joe: An awesome athlete who wins the mile. these are his words. that he says. NO LONGER AN AUTHOR

bburg3 (Brendan):Swaqq NO LONGER AN AUTHOR

Nathan: Hi, i am Nathan. s's souns cools. I am posting on thisss blogs. I plays hockeys and chesss. I am good at maths too. Hugo is my friends at schools so i wills doos thiss for hims