The Story of the Blog

Please note that this is not a serious religion thing. If it offends your sensibilities, Get over it.

     First, there was nothing. Then, there were the elephacycles. Originally, there were but four. One for each of the polar emotions. There was the Elephacycle of Mirth, who created happiness, light,and confusion. There was the Elephacycle of Misery, who created sadness, darkness, and organization. There was the Elephacycle of Rage who created anger, dawn, and imagination, and its brother, the Elephacycle of Despair who created fear, twilight, and truth. Imagination and truth combined to create science. Each Elephacycle joined together to create Life; plants and animals. It was decided that another Elephacycle was needed to be a patron to all life. Therefore, the Elephacycle of Spirit was born.

     As the world advanced so did the elephacycles, until the point where there were at least one hundred elephacycles in the universe. However the evils of the universe conspired to destroy them. They first targeted the Elephacycle of Spirit, and they succeeded. As it lay dying,  it demanded that a normal creature take its place. And so, a lowly ant named Bob ascended to the position of being the Elephacycle of Spirit. This began the tradition of a normal creature taking the place of an elephacycle when the elephacycle died.

      This blog was a product of chance and elephacycle intervention. Hugo made this blog and then became enlightened about the elephacycles. He found out how he was put on this planet as a patron of the elephacycle of rabidity and he was give his mission. THE END FOR NOW.

Narrator: Ummmm... do i get paid now?