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Thursday, March 29, 2012


I looked in my reader today and saw this:

Hugo is dumb

Jake D at Jake The Snake Is Not a Fake - 2 days ago
Hugo is really annoying so he can't post anymore, and neither can Nathan because of hugo. 

Are you kidding me, Jake? Then when i confronted him about it, i saw this:

Hugo is Boss!

Jake D at Jake The Snake Is Not a Fake - 9 hours ago
Hugo is cool and he is now back to writing on this blog, Nathan is just because he doesn't write engough. 

Which is arguably worse! All i know is i am not going back to that blog.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

9-10 update

sleeping. phineas and ferb has funny. it sometimes sneaks into dreams but right now i am dreaming of opossums.

8-9 update

in bed after reading a bit. dreaming about the majesty of colors.

7-8 update

showering and using teh internetz

6-7 update

i spent the whole hour finishing homework and pesterchumming. pesterchumming should be a word. it really should. i am gonna set the posts while i am asleep to auto post.

4-6 update

sorry guys, i have just been doing a ton of homework for the past hour, and for the hour before that my dad just kept me out at the grocery store. those cudleuppet things are creepy. why would they make those? more like roadkilluppets. that would actually not be as good a product for traumatizing your child.

3-4 update

this one is a little early. i made another video and got out of school and my dad is late to pick me up. i'ma eat his soul.

2-3 update

i made a movie in social studies class and it wins.

1-2 update

Spanish class. I am the only one not taking a test in this case! WOOT~! so anyway there was a fire drill. i was all like ahhh Rosetta sto OH MY ARCEUS. anyway i shall update later

12-1 update

Lunch first, then Another epic wallball game, and now spanish. wish me a cheese ton of luck.

11-12 update

UGH, stupid math. I had to take the AIMS practice test and it sucked. however Jake somehow managed to access this blog in my account which frightens me so i changed my password. i fell asleep and had a dream where Nathan was chasing me with a hammer saying " SCARY FISH SCARY FISH SCARY FISH" and when i woke up his face was Falafel!


Hey it is Jake, NOT HUGO. He is currently incapacitated taking the AIMS practice test. And he doesn't know I am posting: LOL, ihack. LIKE A BOSS. But remember this cause hugo may edit it.

8:01 - 9:00 update

ok so there was the most epic game of morning wallball ever. the people who started the game were playing with my racquetball that they probably found in a puddle but i am fine with that. on a completely different note people wonder why i know the preschoolers. well, duh people, morning MAC is in the preschool room! i am in science and got a celebratory hat made of paper from daniel! and i am still anger at Jake slightly.

7:00-8:00 update

I am in morning MAC and Keegan came. so then she started bugging me to tell her about her voice but she gave me a shiny so it is all good. and i love the internets.


Last night i got my 1000 view. now i shall do a "day in the life posts" i am gonna post once every hour for a couple days. about the day and whatever i would like. i start at 8 o clock.

10-12 update


10-12 update

OMG i loooove midnight it is the best time ever for an imperceptible amount of time it is neither day or night!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Self googling in the most insane way

Ok so guys. i wanted to find myself so i looked up my name. apparently i am an award and an awesome movie. also according to urban dictionary:
3. Hugo 134 up, 78 down

from the ancient greek hugonos which means son of Zeus, Hugo refers to divine origin. Hugo was the inspiration for the mythical tales of Hercules and Perseus. After the fall of Athens and the rise of Rome, Hugo was used as a mark of valour and bravery. First used by Augustus Ceasar, Hugo came to be applied only to the Emperors. With the fall of Constantinople, Hugo became a common word in the Middle-East and Asia. Today, the word Hugo has kept it's meaning of divine origin but it applies solely to one man, born in Quebec city on the 26th of July 1984.
6. Hugo 26 up, 15 down

A person with a huge group of friends, a party around him at almost every hour, dance moves that could kill (WATCH OUT!), and a body of steel. If this person calls you shorty, you're in, if this person tells you to crill, you may as well leave before things get ugly.
which is awesome but mostly untrue as i am unsure of my number of friends and i cannot dance also i am pretty short myself. also:
8. hugo 187 up, 181 down

You don't know what it is, you don't know where it came from, but you definetly don't want any on you.
You've got a bit of hugo on your shirt, Jim.
and a quote from one of them: Hugo, i know it can be recycled, but please, you don't have to eat it!
This is strangely accurate as i am excessively omnivorous. 
So i then googled Hugo Looks like and this came up:
Hugo Chavez actually looks like the Jackie Chan Meme 
 that... i have no idea lets move on
Hugo looks like Tommy Wiseau
... i do not know who that is
This Is What A Feminist Looks Like: Hugo
i am no feminist
  Hugo looks very much like Elijah Wood
Hugo looks like it's about the same strength
Is the internet drunk or something
So, class, what have we learned today? 
  • i am awesome and of divine origin
  • nobody knows what i am
  • i eat recyclable objects
  • Hugo Chavez looks like Jackie Chan
  • i look like Tommy Wiseau (whoever that is)
  • i look like i am about the same strength as a feminist Elijah Wood. 
so see ya next time i decide to do something random and stupid like self google!
Infinity Elephants!!!


this is nathans heres. Is posts stuffs ons hugos blogs becauses hes askeds mes tos. its is alsos verys funs. Is wills posts mores stuffs soons.

Haters gonna hate

Jakers gonna Jake. Jake Dean has been removed as an author on this blog because he was a jerkish mean facewich. he called me a tard because he ruined wallball for everyone with his lies and slander so i stabbed him not hard with a plastic spork that bent as it made contact with the skin. so do not go to his blog. he made me cry inside.

i do not even know if i have real friends. everyone has been mean to me lately. :( i am sad
~<:( i am sad in a party hat.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Clemson beats Duke popularity wise

Clemson got 75% of the votes, Duke is eliminated.
Newest ROUND OF MATCHUPS in College Popularity Madness, Polls Coming Soon, For now comment to vote.
2. Ohio State
15. NC State

3. Oregon
14. Harvard

4. Michigan
13. Pittsburgh

5. Missouri
12. Cincinnati

6. Michigan State
11. Connecticut

Sunday, March 18, 2012

1 vs 16

Duke verses Clemson, who do you personally like better? Comment to vote.

Correction for the Madness

Just Comment on the post to vote for your team, the counts will be tallied and the results shared.

Jake i am hugo i am making a poll

College Popularity Madness

You have heard of March Madness where it is who is best at basketball. But on this site our bracket is about who people likes more. So in a match-up between Team A vs. Team B and you like Team B better vote for them on the poll. Here are the rankings and first round match-up. Everday will be a new match.

1. Duke             1. Florida    1. Alabama       1. Kansas
16. Clemson    16. Hawaii    16. Maryland    16. Air Force
2. Ohio State     2. Syracuse           2. USC        2. Kentucky
15. NC State    15. Georgetown    15. SDSU    15. ASU
3. Oregon        3. Oklahoma    3. Boise State         3. LSU
14. Harvard    14. Ole Miss    14. Virginia Tech    14. Oregon State
4. Michigan        4. Auburn    4. Texas             4. Florida State
13. Pittsburgh    13. Illinois    13. Tennessee    13. Arizona
5. Missouri         5. Wisconsin    5. Notre Dame    5. Baylor
12. Cincinnati    12. Arkansas    12. Indiana         12. Gonzaga
6. Michigan State   6. Iowa             6. Stanford             6. LSU
11. Connecticut    11. Nebraska    11. Georgia Tech    11. UCLA
7. Iowa State           7. North Carolina     7. Louisville       7. Army
10. Oregon State    10. South Carolina    10. California    10. Georgia Tech
8. Boston University    8. Temple        8. Xavier                  8. TCU
9. Vanderbilt               9. Villanova    9. Oklahoma State    9. Miami (FL)

OBJECTION!!!!! I... actually completely approve of this. Jake if you want to set up a poll i will.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Pi Day!

I have made a poem (or maybe a rap, i don't know) in honor of Pi Day. Also the birthdays of Einstein and Akira Yoshizawa.

Please remove shell before eating the nutmeats
Hugo's Magicant is the blog that does beats
all the other ones every day of the year
so give me all your views every time that you come here
even though this is a blog i cannot rap.
something something something oh shnap.
i have to go now so ima leave,
a very interesting word is, you see, BEREAVE

that was incredibly bad but ima post it anyway!

EDIT: why do you guys like turtles so much

Monday, March 12, 2012

:D :D :D :D

i have a blog recommendation.  Here it is. it is the blog of someone who i met on pesterchum.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

so tired...

I am exhausted. I just played possibly the hardest game of charades in the history of charades. I had to be an oil well, yellow submarine, snowman, Greedo (Star Wars), and singing in the rain. I acted well, apparently, because they got all of them. I am a good actor.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I love homestuck so much.

i got pesterchum and i want to spread it
Everyone download pesterchum. i am capriciousSaturn
Jake, anything to say?

Jake: Hugo just poked me. I HOPE I NO FAIL THE TEST. And I am planning on posting more on this blog, so be ready and stay tuned!

Jake, if i got an 89 you are gonna get like 99-100. Nathan got a 102!

EDIT: turns out i actually got a 96 on the test. ill ask what Jake got.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

I am at National History Day!

Hi. Someone else say something about this.

Jake: We'll see how we do, It would be nice to go to state. Do well Nathan and Hugo, and everyone at home, cheer us on!

So we will tell you how it went or goes.....

EDIT: After the Presentation
Jake is having panic face, but I think that went well. Jake, anything to add?

Jake: Nathan! Ugh.

Jake is anger at Nathan because of bibliography.
I will Tell you if we go to state!

EDIT AGAIN: After the ceremony

We didn't make it to state. :(

But Gabe and Gray did!  :)

They must have stolen the radish... But that is a different story, for a different time. if you want me to explain, vote on the new poll.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Using OBJECTION!!! in every situation can make the world a better place such as...

Citizen: Yo quiero Taco Bell
Citizen: This vending machine is out of order.
Me: OBJECTION!!! YOU are out of order!
Samuel: Hugo, you are like a llama, but you're shorter and more obnoxious. So, you are a sheep.
Me: OBJECTION!!! Are you lying in front of this court?

Real-Life conversations that really happened 1-3

Conversation 1: in math class.
Gray: What the heck?
Me: Hey, I just live here! I mean... no. I don't live here.
Kyle: Hugo, did you just argue that you don't live here?
Conversation 2: At Jake's House
Jake: Hey, dad.
His dad: (singsong) Combination pizza hut and taco bell
Jake: (singsong, real song) I got that taco smell, i got all kinds of smell.
Conversation 3: Outside
Me: It's time to party in lingdon veh.
More to come