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Friday, June 21, 2013


I have been posting on my blog so much that I COMPLETELY FORGOT that I was able to post on this one! So here I am with three make-up posts. 

I am finally a teenager! Yes! I am also determined NOT to become one of those jerkish teens who seem to be popping up EVERYWHERE!! Now I'm not talking about anyone who posts on this blog and Nathan. But if you have ever been to the beach and passed by two teenagers whose censored conversation sounds like "Hey man, {*^{€\*]*   ^\+}¥\==<€   ^{*\%}{£~>!!!!!!" Then you know what I mean. 

Number 2
The Swedish Chef is unarguably the most amazing muppet. He speaks nonsense, has a meat cleaver, and shoots baskets with chickens. The BEST.

Number Three!
I hat auto correct. Just look at thus conversation between Hugo and I.

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